altJuly 27 - Kuwait will make the necessary changes to ensure that it is not suspended from competing in the London 2012 Olympics, its Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Dr Mohammad Al-Afasi has promised.



The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had threatened to suspend Kuwait on the grounds that their sporting authorities were not sufficiently independent from the Government and said that they wanted the changes imposed by July 31.

But earlier this month the deadline was extended until December 31 to implement all the changes and warned if they were not then the suspension for London 2012 would be imposed.

Al-Afasi said: “The State of Kuwait promised International Olympic Committeeto remove any contraventions between the local laws and the [Olympic] Charter.

“I have briefed today’s meeting on the outcome of my visit to Lausanne, Switzerland, where I met IOC President Jacques Rogge.

“The talks with Rogge focused on the causes of the suspension of Kuwait’s IOC membership and led to an agreement to extend the ultimatum given to Kuwait to amend its sports laws in line with the Olympic Charter to the end of the year.

"We have explained Kuwait’s viewpoint regarding the ambiguity of this issue.

“Both sides reached agreement on the formation of a joint team to probe the points of contravention between the local sports laws and the Olympic Charter.

"The team will work actively to complete its task as soon as possible and report to Rogge.

"In case there are contraventions, we are committed to remove them and notify the IOC chief.

"The IOC chief sought a strong commitment by the Kuwait Government and complained about failure of former ministers to honour their promises.

"We explained to him the reasons that led to such failures despite the sincere intentions of the former Ministers, including the political standoff between the former Governments and parliaments,”

Kuwait's Cabinet plans to approve the draft amendments when it receives them ahead of their referral to the National Assembly for final endorsement, Al-Afasi said.