Italian tennis player Sari Errani's suspension has been increased by the Court of Arbitration for Sport ©Getty Images

Italian tennis player Sara Errani's suspension after she failed a drugs test has been increased from two months to 10 months by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The 31-year-old five-time Grand Slam doubles champion was given a two-month ban by the International Tennis Federation in August of last year after her mother's breast cancer medication inadvertently led to her testing positive.

Errani, beaten in the first round of the singles event at the French Open last month, had provided a urine sample the previous February during an out-of-competition test, which failed for letrozole.

An independent hearing heard that Errani's mother Fulvia, who has been battling cancer since 2005, dropped some pills on a surface where tortellini and broth were being prepared.

Errani then accidentally ingested the drug,

The Italian National Anti-Doping Agency, however, called for the ban to be extended to two years and appealed to the CAS.

In a statement, the CAS agreed with the reasons for the failed test presented by Errani but ruled partially in favour of the Italian National Anti-Doping Agency.

The CAS said, however, that the "personal departure from the objective and subjective standards of care, expected to be exercised by her, together with her mother’s fault which is imputed to her" amounted to a "light degree" of fault.

"However it its upper range, and the panel determined that a period of ineligibility of ten months is to be imposed on the athlete," the statement added.

The Italian player tested positive after accidentally ingesting a banned substance ©Getty Images
The Italian player tested positive after accidentally ingesting a banned substance ©Getty Images

The two months Errani has already served have been taken into account in the extended suspension.

"The CAS Panel upheld the Italian National Anti-Doping Agency appeal and imposed a ten-month period of ineligibility, effective immediately," said the statement. 

"The period of ineligibility of two months served from 3 August 2017 through 2 October 2017 will be credited against the total period of ten months."

In 2012, Errani ended a working relationship Luis Garcia del Mora, a doctor implicated in the Lance Armstrong doping scandal.

"I'm not interested in keeping working with a person that is involved in these things," she said at the time, according to the BBC.

Errani reached the singles final at the French Open in 2012, losing to Russian Maria Sharapova 6-3, 6-2.

In women's doubles, Errani has won all four Grand Slam tournaments with partner Roberta Vinci, including the Australian Open twice in 2013 and 2014.

She won both the French Open and US Open in 2012, and Wimbledon in 2014.

Errani is also a three-time Fed Cup champion.

Letrozole was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency because of fears it increases muscle mass.