Tony Estanguet was speaking at this year's SportAccord Summit in Bangkok ©Getty Images

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet has claimed there is still time to change the plans for the Olympic and Paralympic Games after Government inspectors warned of "abnormally expensive" projected costs after visiting sites last month.

The warning came in relation to planned volleyball and badminton courts, which budgetary inspectors warned they foresaw an overspend of €50 million (£44 million/$61million) on a current cost of €172 million (£151million/$212 million) according to Agence France-Presse.

Paris 2024 is facing heavy scrutiny just six months after being awarded the Games at the International Olympic Committee Session in Lima to ensure that its spending comes within the €6.8 billion (£5.9 billion/$8.3 billion) budget and does not exceed the €1.5 billion (£1.3 billion/$1.8 billion) the Government has promised to contribute.

Speaking in a media briefing today here at the SportAccord Summit, however, Estanguet did not seem alarmed.

"We want to use the coming months to look at all the different risks and studies to maintain the costs," the three-time Olympic gold medallist said. 

"We still have time to change and adapt the concept.

"This is the priority of this team.

"There is space to change the concept to make sure that we will not go over our budget.

"This is still the priority for us and we are now working with the different stakeholders to really look at every kind of infrastructure that we will develop for the Games and try to see what we can do to reduce the cost and maintain the budgets."

Tony Estanguet says French President Emmanuel Macron has been very supportive of Paris 2024 ©Getty Images
Tony Estanguet says French President Emmanuel Macron has been very supportive of Paris 2024 ©Getty Images

One of those stakeholders is French President Emmanuel Macron, who Estanguet praised in his support of the bid.

"It is a great opportunity that our President is really committed to promoting France at an international level," he said. 

"He is very committed to Paris 2024.

"He came to different meetings and he was very interested in having all the foundations and all the elements.

"I can tell you how much he is connected to this project.

"He really wants the best for France and believes that sport and Olympism and Paris 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to give the best image of France.

"For me, it is fantastic to count the head of state among the stakeholders for Paris 2024.

"We share the vision, the ambition.

"It is not just a sport project, it is a project for French society.

"Sport and culture will be a large part of the project.

"Macron is pushing us in having ambition in all parts of Paris 2024."