Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr. is under increasing pressure to accept calls for a fresh election ©POC

Jose "Peping" Cojuangco is under growing pressure to comply with a court decision to re-run the controversial election at which he was re-appointed Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President.

Cojuangco was successfully re-elected for a fourth term in office in November 2016 after Ricky Vargas and Abraham Tolentino were each excluded from the ballot.

The two officials, who respectively lead the Association of Boxing Alliances in The Philippines and PhilCycling, had been hoping to stand for the positions of President and chair but were disqualified on a General Assembly attendance technicality.

A decision by the Pasig Regional Trial Court last year declared this decision "null and void" and ruled that the election must be re-run next month.

Vargas, who had been considered a particularly strong contender, urged Cojuangco to act in a sportsmanlike way and accept the election.

"He'll be seen as a hero if he does that," Vargas was quoted as saying by Tempo Online.

"I have a full grasp of the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) bylaws having been around people who are with the IOC.

"Cong. Peping said he devotes himself to his job as POC President but it is not the quantity but the quality [of service] that counts."

The Philippines' preparations for major sporting events are now being affected by the controversy ©Getty Images
The Philippines' preparations for major sporting events are now being affected by the controversy ©Getty Images

Cojuangco, though, has so far given no indication that he will accept the election result.

His supporters have raised the prospect of the organisation being suspended by the IOC or Olympic Council of Asia for Government interference.

He has also reportedly told his lawyers to prepare a counter against the court ruling that Vargas feels "is somehow a victory" in his attempts for regime change.

Former Congressman Cojuangco, 83, has been the POC President since 2004.

His daughter Mikaela Cojuangco-Jaworski is a member of the IOC. 

"This Court rules that the POC Election Committee acted beyond the scope of its power and authority granted to it by the POC Executive Board, and had violated its own POC election rules, when it motu proprio disqualified Mr. Vargas and Mr. Tolentino from the list of candidates for the 2016 POC elections," read the decision issued by Judge Maria Garcia Cadiz-Casaclang of the Pasig Regional Trial Court.

"Moreover, the Election Committee's ground for disqualifying plaintiffs Mr. Vargas and Rep. Tolentino is invalid as it cannot take it upon itself to restrict or qualify the term 'active member' Article 7, Section 11 of the POC by-laws as to mean physical presence in the meetings of the General Assembly."

insidethegames has contacted Cojuangco, the POC and the OCA for a reaction, but has not yet received a response.