Kyrgyzstan dominated the UWW World Cup of Belt Wrestling in Minsk earlier this month ©UWW

Kyrgyzstan dominated the United World Wrestling (UWW) World Cup of Belt Wrestling which was held earlier this month to mark the end of the United World Wrestling competition year.

Athletes from 17 countries from three continents participated in the event which took place in Minsk in Belarus between December 10 and 11. 

Kyrgyzstan took home a total of five medals including three golds from the six weight categories.

Altynai Mamarasul claimed his country's opening gold medal after she won the 70 kilogram event.

Serbian Svetlana Tuba Una claimed victory in the women’s over 70kg competition while Dildora Rakhmanova continued Kyrgyzstan's medal winning form as she won silver.

Poland's Sonia Lniany won the third women's gold medal in the 60kg event.

Kyrgyzstan's men continued their country's impressive display by winning two of the three gold medals on offer.

Kyrgyzstan claimed three of the six gold medals that were on offer ©UWW
Kyrgyzstan claimed three of the six gold medals that were on offer ©UWW

Irlan Kazbek Uulu won the 70kg final while his compatriot Kairat Mamatzakirov won Kyrgyzstan's third and final gold medal in the 90kg final.

Despite failing to extend his country's dominance Kadyr Kelsinbekov claimed a bronze in the men's over 90kg competition as Ukrainian Andriy Nikitchenko took gold. 

During the competition, the official meeting of United World Wrestling’s World Belt Wrestling Committee took place.

Representatives present at the meeting discussed the developments and calendar of the past year while new challenges were also set for 2017.

The committee also discussed matters pertaining to the most important events in the belt wrestling calendar for the upcoming year.