World Financial Group has signed a deal with USA Luge ©WFG

USA Luge have signed a two-year deal with World Financial Group (WFG), it has been announced.

The partnership means that the company have become an official sponsor of the American governing body.

A clause to extend the relationship beyond 2018 has also been included.

WFG was previously a USA Luge sponsor between 2007 and 2014

"We are very happy to welcome the return of World Financial Group to our family of sponsors and suppliers," said Gordy Sheer, USA Luge's director of marketing and sponsorship. 

"Their partnership was valued in its first iteration. 

WFG had previously been a supporter of USA Luge ©Getty Images
WFG had previously been a supporter of USA Luge ©Getty Images

"Now, as we work our way to the Pyeongchang Winter Games in just 14 months, their contribution will have a direct impact on our athletes training and performances as we strive to reach the podium again in South Korea."

As an official sponsor, WFG is entitled to use all USA Luge logos and marks on its promotional materials. 

Their company logo will appear on team race suits during the ongoing 2016-17 season, and will be added to all USA Luge apparel in 2017-18.

In addition, USA Luge will provide team members for the WFG annual convention.

"We are very excited to once again be a sponsor of USA Luge and to support these amazing athletes over the next two years as they work toward their dream of participating in the Winter Games in Pyeongchang," said Susan Davies, senior vice president at WFG.

"I look forward to watching these talented athletes as they fly down the luge course at breath-taking speeds to victory."