BISFed have published a draft of competition rules for 2017 ©BISFed

The Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) have published a draft of the competition rules for 2017.

The world governing body sought feedback on potential amendments following the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in September.

Proposals were made by members from across the world, with the BISFed Rules Committee meeting earlier this month to discuss changes.

"The rules committee has been working long and hard sifting through the proposals and responses from our members," BISFed said.

"We specifically considered fairness and equality when making these decisions."

Allowing BC3 competitors greater freedom by removing pointer length and seat height restrictions, as well as more opportunity to move around the court, were among the key changes.

Penalty balls have been changed from two to one and will be thrown at a 25 centimetre target box.

Changes were made to penalty rules and allowing coaches more time to meet with their athletes ©Getty Images
Changes were made to penalty rules and allowing coaches more time to meet with their athletes ©Getty Images

The decision was made after athletes expressed concern that throwing a penalty ball put them at risk of losing points they just earned because all the balls are so close together around the jack.

It was claimed a clear shot to earn a penalty point would be more fair, while it would also make proceedings easier for spectators to follow.

A maximum of one minute will be between ends, which will bring an end to timeouts during matches.

As a result, coaches have the opportunity to can meet with their team and pair athletes between every end of a game.

Several updates have been made to the rules which BISFed have stated are "simply matters of housekeeping in chronology and clarifying the terms we use".

Comments are being accepted regarding the structure, wording and grammar of the updated rules until December 9.

BISFed then plan to have the rules checked with a law firm before the final version is published in early January.

The draft copy of the rules can be accessed here.