By Emily Goddard

Gwangju 2015 has expanded its operation to 370 members of staff ©Gwangju 2015February 3 - Gwangju 2015 has undergone a significant expansion and relocated its headquarters to the centre of the South Korean city as it prepares to host the Summer Universiade in less than a year-and-a-half.

The Organising Ccommittee has grown to now consist of 20 departments within seven divisions - from 10 departments in three divisions, while the workforce has increased by 190 to total 370 members of staff.

The new divisions include a support body to cover all Games operations, a facilities operations division to manage the Athletes' Village and the Total Integration Management System (TIMS), a cultural events division, and a marketing and international affairs division.

In addition, the new departments cover security, human resources and volunteer recruitment, media, sports coordination, the Athletes' Village, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and international affairs.

Gwangju 2015 has relocated its headquarters to the centre of the South Korean city ©Gwangju 2015Gwangju 2015 has relocated its headquarters to the centre of the South Korean city
©Gwangju 2015

"The third stage re-organisation has taken into consideration the stabilisation and efficiency of the organising committee and has placed the staff according to the tasks needed," said a Gwangju 2015 spokesman.

"Expansion of 190 staff members will take place step-by-step in the early half of this year."

Meanwhile, the relocation of the offices to the centre of Gwangju city is expected "to increase the interest and active participation of youths for the upcoming Universiade" as many young university students gather in the nearby areas.

The Summer Universiade in Gwangju is due take place on July 3 until14, 2015.

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