By Gary Anderson

September 12 - Perseverance is the theme of this year's World Judo DayPerseverance will be the theme of this year's World Judo Day, which celebrates and showcases the values and spirit of the Olympic sport, it has been revealed. 

World Judo Day is due to take place on October 28, just as it has done for the previous two years, to mark the birthday of the sport's founder, Jigoro Kano.

The International Judo Federation (IJF) aim to use the occasion to encourage those with a love of the sport and who partake in it to share experiences and promote the sport in their region with activities such as demonstrations, competitions, inter-club training sessions and taster sessions.

The theme of World Judo Day in 2011 was "Respect" while last year's theme was "Judo for all".

Children in Germany take part in World Judo Day last year when the theme was respectChildren in Germany take part in World Judo Day last year when the theme was respect

"Dear judoka and judo lovers, with the occasion of the World Judo Day I ask all judoka and judo communities in the world to follow, defend and promote the Olympic spirit and values which are also the values of our sport," said IJF President Marius Vizer.

"I ask for unity and solidarity and through the energy and spirit of judo we can increase our community and build a better world.

"In 2013, we have chosen 'perseverance' as the main theme.

"This important value is symbolised by: 'No matter how many times you may fall down, the important is to always stand up again.'

"This year, we would like to see around the world, on the same tatami and at the same time, all categories training together: men and women, youngsters and adults, white and black belts... all sharing the 'perseverance' value."

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