By James Crook

GwangjuunifriendsMay 24 - Gwangju 2015 have recruited their latest intake of honorary Universiade ambassadors, known as "Uni-friends", selecting around 1,250 university students from across South Korea to promote the Summer Universiade in two years time.

The "Uni-friends" have been promoting the Universiade since they were incepted in 2011, and have contributed with on-site visits to various sports competitions, local festivals, exhibitions, and other events to promote and advertise the Games to the public.

New recruit Lee Hyo-seong, a second year student at Youngnam University, said: "I am so excited to become a member of the honorary ambassadors and promote the international sporting competition, Gwangju Universiade."

gwangjuteachNew recruits from Gyeongbuk University are briefed on their roles as honorary ambassadors for the 2015 Universiade

"Together with other participants of Uni-friends, I will try to lead in getting the Gwangju Universiade known to all university students in Korea as well as abroad,"

The group have conducted meetings with local market merchants, interviews with former Universiade participants, impromptu promotions in parks, environmental campaigns, voluntary works at local agricultural and fishing villages among other activities in their quest to promote Gwangju 2015 on a national and international scale.

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