By James Crook

26220743May 8- Gwangju 2015 Universiade mascot Nuribi has been fronting promotional efforts for the Games at various domestic and international events to drum up backing for the event in just over two years time.

Nuribi, who's named is derived from the Korean words "Nuri", which means the world, and "bi" which means to fly, and represents the forward-thinking approach that South Korea is taking to ensure a successful Universiade, officials claim.

The mascot has been hard at work spreading Gwangju 2015's "EPIC" vision- which stands for Eco, Peace, IT and Culture- at events such as the World University Badminton Championships, the Gwangju Biennale exhibition, Gwangju Universiade national college tour, and many other events.

UntitledrtartrwsgNuribi has been appearing at international and domestic events to promote the Gwangju 2015 Universiade

Nuribi will also make appearances at the World Human Rights Cities Forum, JCI Asia Pacific Forum, Gwangju Biennale exhibition, and The World Korean Business Convention, as well as at multiple domestic and international events such as the 2013 Suncheon Bay Garden Expo, the 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, and the 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan.

The mascot features "wings of light", which symbolise the five great oceans and six continents of the world, and also represent harmony and friendship among the world's youth according to Gwangju 2015.

The five stars featured on the mascots chest represent the event organisers, the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

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