By Duncan Mackay

Pio Bosco TikoisuvaMarch 27 - Reg Sanday has been officially elected as the new President of the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) at its annual meeting, as Pio Bosco Tikoisuva, one of the country's greatest-ever rugby players, was among those given new roles.

Sanday, the vice-president was the only nominee for the top post following the decision of Robin Mitchell, an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member and President of the Oceania National Olympic Committees, not to stand because of other commitments. 

Sanday, President of the Fiji Amateur Bodybuilding Association (FABA) and the vice-president of FASANOC since 2010, replaces Vidhya Lakhan, who had completed two four-year terms.

"Reg Sanday paid tribute to Lakhan long service to FASANOC and thanked him and the outgoing Executive members for their contributions to the development of sport in Fiji," said Lorraine Mar, who elected as secretary general.

Vidhya Lakhan receives special award from Lorraine MarOutgoing FASANOC President Vidhya Lakhan receives a present from secretary general Lorraine Mar

Sanday, who started his sports administration career in 1986 after his appointment in the Young Men Christian Association Board, was elected until 2015.

In 1994, he founded and became the first President of the FABA.

In 2003, he helped in the formation of Northland Rugby Union and in 2010 joined FASANOC as one of the vice-presidents.

Among those elected as one of FASANOC's vice-presidents was 65-year-old Tikoisuva (pictured top), who played in 19 rugby tests for Fiji, including captaining them in 1977 to a 25-21 victory over the British Lions, considered the country's greatest-ever victory.

He was the first professional chief executive of the Fiji Rugby Union and is a former High Commissioner for Fiji in London. 

Paul Yee was also elected as a vice-presidents until 2015, while Makarita Lenoa, Radhika Prasad and Harvie Probert will continue in their roles until next year.

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