By Emily Goddard at the 2013 CISM World Winter Games in Annecy

Laëtitia Roux 300313March 30 - Laëtitia Roux, France's two-time ski mountaineering World Championship gold medallist, has said she would like to see the sport in the Winter Olympic Games in the future.

Speaking here after winning gold in the women's ski mountaineering event at Chamonix, the 27-year-old explained that the sport's governing body is already working towards appearing at the Olympics.

"I think we would like to race in the Olympic Games, all racers would like to race in the Olympic Games but it's still a recent sport," said Roux (pictured top), who is also a four-time gold medal winner at the European Championship.

"The ISMF (International Ski Mountaineering Federation), the international federation, is working a lot to go to the Olympics but we have to be patient.

"I am sure ski mountaineering will be an Olympic sport in the future.

"Maybe not for me but for the next generation of athletes."

Armando Mariotta, President of the ISMF, has previously hinted that the organisation is working towards "the goal of being recognised by the International Olympic Committee and ultimately to participate in the Olympic Games".

Laëtitia Roux 3003131The ISMF is working towards being recognised by the IOC

The sport is a form of ski touring that combines skiing and mountaineering, and includes races that can be anything from ascending a mountain in pursuit of virgin powder to achieving a mountain's summit using skis before skiing down, while athletes compete in a series of World Cups and World Championship events.

Roux believes it is attracting an increasing number of participants despite still having work to do to raise its profile.

"More and more people practice ski mountaineering and more and more media speak about ski mountaineering and I think people really like this sport but a lot don't know about it," she said.

"It's a really nice sport, really difficult and I think he has the merit to be known."

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