May 18 - Rio de Janeiro are hoping to persuade the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to allow them to make a number of changes to their proposal to host the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics.

Brazilian officials are set to put a number of new plans to the IOC Coordination Commission, which, led by Morocco's Nawal El Moutawakel, today began its first visit to the city since it was awarded the Games last October.

The proposals include moving some sports venues and media facilities to the city's port district, an under-developed area of Rio which it is currently planning to revitalise.

It will be one of several items on the agenda during the Coordination Commission visit, including plans by Brazil to create a committee comprised of all levels of Government to coordinate Rio's preparations for the 2016 Olympics.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has signed a document creating the Olympic Public Authority, which brings together the Federal, State and City Governments to oversee the Games' preparations.

The Brazilian Governments says the Committee's goal will be "to coordinate public services, the implementation and the completion of the needed infrastructure to host" the Olympics.

The Government claimed the creation of the consortium with all levels of Government was one of the guarantees given by Brazil to the IOC when Rio bid for the Games, beating rivals Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo.

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