November 9 - Commonwealth Games Scotland is to launch a poll to decide what song should be used as the country's national anthem at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi next year and Glasgow 2014.


Scotland currently has no official anthem and at the Commonwealth Games Scotland Awards Dinner on Saturday (November 14), guests will be asked to help decide on the anthem from a shortlist of four, and prospective team members will determine which of the two finalists will  be used.


The lack of a single anthem used across all sports has led to different tunes being used over the years.


Up until 1958, Robert Burns' Scots Wha Hae was used to mark the occasions when Scots athletes were on the medal podium.


Since then Scotland the Brave has been the preferred anthem for the Commonwealth team. 


Commonwealth Games Scotland has now short listed four songs, Scotland the Brave, Flower of Scotland, Highland Cathedral and Loch Lomond.


Michael Cavanagh, the organisation's chairman, said: "At the Awards Dinner on Saturday night we will give our wider stakeholders the opportunity to have an input into this process.


"Students from the Royal Scottish Academy of Arts Music and Drama will perform a shortlist of four options and at the end of the evening, guests will be asked to cast their vote.


"The most popular two anthems will then be presented to our prospective Delhi 2010 team members at their Team Camp in January, where they will make the final choice of anthem to be played at the Games."


"Hopefully, by the time we reach the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow there will be an official anthem that is nationally recognised and endorsed through our Parliament and one that the whole of Scotland can unite behind on what will be a fabulous and memorable occasion for all Scots."


The Scottish Government has not yet determined which song should be used as the country's official national anthem.


Gregor Tait, who won four medals at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, including two gold, is keen to get behind the debate and stresses what an important issue this is for the athletes.


The swimmer said: “Hearing the anthem in Melbourne was one of the proudest moments of my life.


"To see the flag being raised to Scotland the Brave really made me feel 'Scottish and proud'.


"It was great to see everyone's reaction to the anthem and see people clapping along really made me smile.


"Without these moments Melbourne would not have been so memorable.


"Whatever anthem is chosen this time, it must evoke those same feelings.”