November 7 - Brazilian officials are investigating a man who is posing as the country's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (pictured) talking about Rio de Janeiro's successful bid to host the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics.


 He has offered and has even granted interviews to some foreign radio stations.


The imposter came to light when a Brazilian journalist conducted a 25-minute interview for an Australian radio station but became suspicious and consult the Brazilian Presidency.


They  informed him that the President was at the time flying from London to Brasilia after holding meetings with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and signing an Olympic cooperation deal.

While the fake President has a husky voice like the Brazilian president, according to the audio sent by SBS to the Presidency, this is a "grotesque imitation".

An alleged official who calls himself  "Caio Martins" - which is actually the name of a stadium in Rio - is who arranges the interviews over e-mail offering the opportunity to talk to Lula about the decision last month to award the Olympics to a South American city for the first time.

The case has now been forwarded to the Institutional Security Cabinet of the Republic’s Presidency.