September 22 - A new club that was formed to help companies make the most of the opportunities that are created when major events like the Commonwealth Games are held in Scotland has started generating business for its members.

Jane Gotts, the programme director of BusinessClub Scotland, said members had started to feel the benefit in the form of contracts worth more than £130,000 connected with the recent Open Golf Championship at Turnberry and an undisclosed amount in relation to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Gotts said 1,600 members had signed up to benefit from the access to contracts and networking opportunities on offer from the club, which is backed by the Scottish Government.

She is confident that the club could also help firms win skills in areas like procurement that could help them compete more effectively in the huge market to provide services for the public sector.

Launched with £200,000 support from the Scottish Government, BusinessClub Scotland highlights events that are coming to Scotland that are likely to generate commercial opportunities.

It also facilitates networking events.

Members that won business connected with The Open included hotel operators and firms providing signage and infrastructure.

Around 100 members were able to access tickets for the event which some used to entertain potential clients.

The Commonwealth Games in 2014 will be a major focus of the club’s efforts.

However, Gotts stressed it would also be highlighting events that many firms may not be aware of, like the inaugural Rally of Scotland motoring event which will be held in November.

Gotts said: “Until the club was set up there was no way of letting businesses know that events were coming into the country.

“BusinessClub Scotland exists to ensure that businesses from all sizes, from all sectors and across Scotland can capitalise on the economic opportunities from our world class events programme."