September 1 - Health inspectors in New Delhi have been forced to fumigate the site of the Commonwealth Games Village after dengue mosquitoes were found breeding at the construction site.

Delhi's Mayor Kanwar Sain inspected the site near Akshardham Temple in East Delhi after the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s (MCD) Health department discovered the mosquitoes.

Anyone bitten by the mosquitoes can contract a flu-like viral disease which, in extreme cases, can prove be to fatal, although most people recover within seven days.

But any competitor among the 5,000 who are expected to attend next year's Games, including potentially include Jamaica's Usain Bolt, the world record holder for 100 and 200 metres, who picked up the illness would probably be unable to perform at their best in the biggest event to be held in India since Delhi staged the 1982 Asian Games.

Sain, who went to the site with officials of MCD’s Health and Sanitation departments, checked steps taken by officials to contain the outbreak.

The MCD has begun spraying and fumigating the area to check breeding of mosquitoes, officials said.

Officials said the civic agency has also started a awareness programme for workers and officials at the Games Village site to help stop breeding of mosquitoes.

MCD health officer N K Yadav said: “The Games Village is located on the riverbed, which is prone to mosquito breeding."