altApril 5 - World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) president Choue Chung-won (pictured) is to release two new books this week that he hopes will help people across the world understand his sport better.


One book is called "Peace in Mind, Sports at Heart" and the other is "Taekwondo & The Olympics".


In the first work, Choue outlines his thoughts on how to further develop taekwondo and the WTF.

The 223-page book contains his ideas on the globalisation of taekwondo, the creation of a new taekwondo image, and a vision of sports and peace, as well as his reflections on life.

The publication also highlights the reason why the WTF headman launched the Taekwondo Peace Corps last summer and the ongoing WTF efforts for fair judging and refereeing, which overshadowed the sport at last year's Olympics in Beijing and left a threat hanging over its future in the Games.

The 208-page title on the Olympics, the first of its kind to be published by the WTF, contains a selection of photos and information related to the sport since it made its full debut in the Games at Barcelona in 1992.

Choue said: "The books will be of help to better understand the Olympic sport of taekwondo."