Madrid_city_centreJuly 21 - Madrid 2016 has claimed today that they can stage a greener Olympics than any of its rivals because it has more sun than any of the three other candidates.

They claim that because July - when they would stage the Games - is the brightest month and with an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day that gives them a natural advantage as it provides the Spanish capital with an important source of renewable energy, helping to reduce the environmental impact of hosting the Games.

Spain claims to be among the world leaders in solar energy.

Spain is home to a large number of photovoltaic (PV) power stations where sunlight is converted into electricity, hosting 77 per cent of the 35 largest PV power stations in the world.

The Mediterranean climate will not only help to produce renewable energy to power the Games, but will also provide an enjoyable atmosphere where athletes and visitors alike can spend time in the open air, relaxing and celebrating the spectacle of the Games, officials said.

Madrid has already guaranteed that 100 per cent of the energy consumption in the Games venues and the Olympic Village will be renewable at origin, with a large part of this being harnessed from the sun.

The Olympic Village has an innovative and sustainable design, meeting standards set by the Green Building Council, they said.

Thermic and PV solar panels will be installed throughout the Village, and the internal fleet of vehicles will be powered by electricity produced from the PV solar panels installed in the Olympic Park grounds.

The bid team has already established a number of initiatives to try to help educate people to be more environmentally aware, including "Madrid Plays Green"; the plans to host the 2016 Games have been presented in schools to raise awareness of the importance of integrating environmental measures in sports practice.

This year the Madrid Marathon also promoted environmentally friendly practice.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is due to choose the host city to follow London and stage 2016 at its Session in Copenhagen on October 2.

The other bidding cities are Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.