Aaron Cook_01-06-12August 22 - British taekwondo player Aaron Cook and Irish boxer Paddy Barnes both complained bitterly about Olympic judging after losing to Chinese competitors in Beijing today. 

Cook (pictured above, left) was upset after he believed he had been denied a bronze medal in the play-off against China's Zhu Guo, which he lost 4-1.

But there were audible boos from several spectators as 17-year-old Cook appeared to land shots on his opponent but did not receive any points.

By the end, the teenager from Dorchester was reduced to tears in the latest judging row which has cast a shadow over the Games.

There have also been complaints in diving, shooting and wrestling.

Cook said: "I have never seen scoring like it in my life.

"In any other match I would have won by about five points but the judges were not putting anything up.

"I knew the crowd would be behind him but I didn't think the scoring would be that bad.

"To be so close to a medal is absolutely gutting.

"But I've got to go back and do more training and in four years' time I will be on that first-place podium."

There had also been controversy in Cook's semi-final when his Italian opponent Mauro Sarmiento landed a kick on the bell to win 6-5.

Nelson Miller, Cook's coach, said: "I'm not happy because from my point of view it was after the bell.

"The referee didn't want to make the call.

"The referee made a mistake but that was the best performance every by Aaron Cook."

Belfast boxer Barnes, fighting for Ireland, was beaten by China's Zou Shiming 15-0 in his semi-final of the light flyweight category.

Barnes accepted that the better fighter won but was upset that the judges did not score any of his punches that clearly landed on the body of Shiming.

The 21-year-old said: "The judges should hang their heads in shame.

"There is no doubt I lost the fight - by a mile.

"He beat me fair and square but to not to score a point?

"I hit him with a lot of shots.

"I get drug-tested here at the Olympics - well after this I think that the judges should be drug tested."

Nevertheless, Barnes' performance in winning a bronze medal was praised by Irish coach Billy Walsh.

He said: "We're extremely pleased with Paddy's performance.

"He got a medal at the Olympics at the age of 21 and has a great future ahead of him."