By Duncan Mackay in London 

Youtube IOCAugust 18 - YouTube, which streamed the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) feed of London 2012 in 65 nations and provided streaming services for NBC in the United States, registered more than 231 million streams in total, the company has announced.

At its peak YouTube provided more than 500,000 live streams at the same time.

Throughout the Olympics, the IOC/YouTube channel which streamed in African and Asian nations, had 72 million streams, a remarkable statistic as the IOC had only started putting limited coverage of the Games during Beijing four years ago.

In the US alone, online coverage from was also viewed more than 159 million total streams.

A total of 37 per cent of views for NBC online coverage came from mobile devices, and more than half were in HD.

Youtube NBCNBC's Olympic coverage from London 2012 coverage was viewed on more than 159 million streams

The "Team USA" United States Olympic Committee Channel also registered more than 6.75 million views.

According to YouTube, the quality of the live video was also better than ever before, "with a more than sevens improvement in quality based on low buffering and high frame rates."

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