By David Gold at Casa de España in London

Alejandro Blanco_at_London_2012August 2 - Madrid 2020 has unveiled its Olympic project in London, with bid leader Alejandro Blanco telling insidethegames they "will give the best legacy that an Olympics can give".

Madrid is competing with Istanbul and Tokyo to win the right to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, after Doha and Baku were eliminated from the race earlier this year.

Next year in Buenos Aires, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will decide which of the three will stage the 2020 Games.

Madrid are focused on delivering what they say will be a powerful legacy for youngsters, drawing on London's successful experience in winning the right to host this summer's Games through the promise to "inspire a generation".

"The key of this project is that it is based on what young people want and wish," Blanco (pictured above and below, centre) told insidethegames.

"We were listening to young people and what they tell us that is what we want to give them.

"The most important thing is that this project will give the best legacy that an Olympic project can give to the city and the Olympic Movement."

Key to Madrid's message is that they already have the vast majority of infrastructure in place - as a result of failed bids to stage the Olympics in 2012 and 2016 - to stage the Games.

"It is a perfectly reliable project," Blanco said.

"It is a project that is absolutely real because 80 per cent of the venues are already built.

"So it is not something we are talking about that we are going to do – it is already done.

Team of_Madrid_2020_at_Lonodn_2012_August_2_Members of the Madrid 2020 bid team at London 2012

"It is a project that in spite of the difficulties we are going through right now can be absolutely guaranteed.

"The investment that has yet to be done will be both from private and public investment."

While in London, Madrid are showing members of the IOC their bid proposals with an interactive screen that details every venue and infrastructure network proposed for the 2020 Games.

Despite seeing off Baku and Doha, Blanco believes both will be back soon with new bids to stage the Games.

"Sometime in the future Baku and Doha will both present bids that are strong enough and will convince the IOC to host the Olympic Games," he said.

"Sometime it will happen.

"They are not going to give up for 2024 and 2028 they will try again and have strong bids.

"It is the same as ourselves – the more bids you have the stronger you get."

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