By Tom Degun at the Olympic Park in London

Designers Pernilla_Ohrstedt__Asif_Khan_unveil_the_Coca-Cola_Beatbox_at_the_Olympic_ParkJuly 21 - Worldwide Olympic partner Coca-Cola have unveiled their giant Beatbox here which will be open for fans to visit for the duration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Coca-Cola Beatbox, which has been created by London-based Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt (pictured above), is an experimental fusion of architecture, sport, music and technology that aims to create a multi-sensory experience.

Inspired by Coca-Cola's global campaign for London 2012 - Move to the Beat - the Beatbox looks to connect young people to the Olympic and Paralympic Games by combining music and sport.

Its giant crystalline structure is made up of over 200 interlocked translucent air cushions, each the size of a billboard.

Visitors will be able to play designated cushions as they ascend the exterior of the Beatbox, remixing Anywhere in the World, the uplifting track featuring sounds of five different Olympic sports created for Coca-Cola by Grammy award winning producer Mark Ronson and 2011 Mercury Music Prize nominee Katy B.

Katy B_performs_as_the_Olympic_Flame_travels_in_the_Torch_Relay_leg_on_day_33_through_CarlisleKaty B performs as the Olympic Flame travels in the Torch Relay leg on day 33 through Carlisle

Integrated within the 200 cushions is audio, lighting and responsive sensor technology, which has been used by the architects to upload the rhythmical sport sounds into the structure of the Coca-Cola Beatbox.

Recordings, which include athletes' heartbeats, shoes squeaking and arrows hitting a target will be triggered and remixed by the gestures and movements of an estimated 200,000 visitors during Games-time.

"Coca-Cola's sponsorship of London 2012 is rooted in celebrating and recognising young people and we're delighted to give so many young talents the chance to showcase their skills and passions on the world's stage," said the Coca-Cola Company's director of showcasing for London 2012, Maxine Chapman.

"Our team of emerging architects, artists, sound and light technicians – led by Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt – have all played a crucial role in creating a pavilion that is hip, fresh and energetic.

"The Coca-Cola Beatbox is unlike anything else on the Olympic Park.

"Over 300 young performers from London will help to bring it to life during Games time, and it will stand as a testament to the millions of young people who use their passions in areas like sport and physical activity, music and dance to spread happiness in communities all over the UK."

Coca-Cola appointed designers Khan and Ohrstedt following a formal commissioning process administered by the Architecture Foundation.

The company wanted to identify the best single emerging talent in British architecture and reward them with a showcase at London 2012, handing over creative control of its Beatbox.

The Coca-Cola_Beatbox_insideThe Coca-Cola Beatbox inside

"The Coca-Cola Beatbox is our largest commission so far and we're thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our distinctive brand of architectural design at London 2012," said Khan and Ohrstedt.

"We have created a structure that fuses architecture, music, sport and technology in a completely unique way.

"The beat will draw people in and allow them to personally experience sports through sound away from the main Games venues.

"Coca-Cola has really allowed us to push the boundaries and we're looking forward to unveiling the pavilion to the world when London 2012 opens its doors next week."

Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Olympic Park from the top of the Coca-Cola Beatbox, which forms part of Coca-Cola's Future Flames campaign for London 2012.

The campaign aims to recognise and reward the best of the nation's youth and shine a spotlight on emerging talent to inspire other young people to pursue their passions.

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