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John Foley_at_Goodison_ParkApril 29 - John Foley (pictured) has been banned from demonstrating during this summer's London Olympic and Paralympics, after Merseyside police successfully argued that he posed a risk to the Games.

The ban came follows that given to Trenton Oldfield, who interrupted and forced the annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge to be suspended earlier this month, appeared in court. 

Foley has recently been convicted of unlawfully entering the field of play at Everton's Goodison Park (pictured below) on January 31 during a Premier League match against Manchester City where he handcuffed himself to a goal post.

Other protests have involved the 46-year-old interrupting the Cheltenham Festival and scaling the roof of Liverpool's John Lennon Airport.

John Foley_Goodison-Park__April_27
Foley has also campaigned against Ryanair over the dismissal of his daughter Sarah as a cabin crew member for the airline.

Kendrick Home, a representative for Merseyside Police, was successful in arguing that Foley was planning something big for the summer, arguing that: "The Olympics is an obvious target and he will cause harassment, alarm or distress at one of these venues."

Foley already has an interim anti social behaviour order (ASBO) preventing him from being at any venue that the public must pay to enter to watch a sporting event, and is now the first person to receive an Olympic and Paralympic Games specific ASBO.

Judge Ian Lomax told Foley that: "it is not unrealistic you would use the opportunity of anything with national exposure".

Trenton Oldfield__April_27
The protest of Oldfield (pictured) involved swimming towards the Oxford and Cambridge boats in the Thames in Chiswick as the race began, forcing its premature conclusion – though after a re-start Cambridge went on to win the 158th boat race.

He was barred from going near the Olympic Torch Relay, after his stunt, which he claims was a protest against inequality in Britain.

Oldfield, who entered no plea in court last week, will not be allowed to go within 100 metres of any road being used for the Olympic Torch Relay.

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