By David Gold

imgresApril 14 - Police have arrested six protestors at Leyton Marsh in London who were campaigning against the construction of an Olympic basketball training centre where the likes of NBA stars LeBron James (pictured below) and Kobe Bryant will prepare for this summer's Olympic Games.

The temporary site, just a couple of miles from the Olympic Park, is being set up for teams to use prior to the Olympic tournament, but residents from the Save Leyton Marsh Group staged a sit in at the location to prevent access to construction workers.

Some demonstrators from the Occupy London protest last year, where a camp was set up by St Paul's Cathedral, also joined the Marsh group.

Six people were arrested according to London's Metropolitan Police, who said officers were present to "support bailiffs acting on behalf of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and Lee Valley Park Authority to enforce an eviction and possession order.

"Police are dealing with a group of up to 30 people who are blocking access to the ODA site and refusing to move.

"Officers at the location have warned those people present that Section 14 of the Public Order Act has been applied to them and sets the condition that the protest must move within a short period of time to allow access to the site."

Lee Valley Regional Authority had obtained a High Court order to evict the protestors – whom the London Evening Standard claim have Olympic basketball tickets – after Mr Justice Arnold banned campaigners from taking direct action at the venue.

Protestors are angry about the environmental impact the building work could have on the land.

LeBron James_April_13
Most reportedly fled when the police arrived and set up camp at nearby Lea Bridge Road.

"We regret that we have had to involve the courts and police to enable us to complete the building of a temporary training venue for which we have secured planning permission," an ODA spokesman has said.

"Our concern has always been unlawful disruptive action preventing our contractors getting vehicles on to the site, and working, not peaceful and lawful opposition to our plans.

"These setbacks have incurred extra costs to the taxpayer.

"We are legally obliged to remove the venue shortly after the Paralympic Games this summer and return the ground to its previous state."

This summer's basketball tournament will take place at the Basketball Arena in the Olympic Park in Stratford, before moving to the O2 - known as the North Greenwich Arena during the Games -the for the men's quarter and semi-finals, the women's semis and both finals.

The United States will be the strong favourite to pick up gold medals this summer in the men's tournament for a 14th time, while the women will be looking to claim a fifth successive Olympic title.

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