By David Gold

GenerationsforPeace March23March 24 - Prince Feisal Al Hussein (pictured), the founder of Generations For Peace, has welcomed 29 pioneers from 14 countries to Amman in Jordan for their first advanced training programme.

Generations For Peace use sport to promote peace in conflict areas and run camps to help train young volunteers to use sport as a tool to achieve this.

The programme is supported by Samsung Electronics Levant, who share many of the same goals as Generations For Peace, such as innovation, quality, impact and sustainability.

The initiative provides an intensive four day course designed to give pioneers skills to implement projects on the ground in communities facing conflict.

Prince Al Hussein told the group: "You are here with us today because you are 29 of the very best pioneers we have around the world.

"We recognise your experience and your skills.

"We have come a long way together since 2007: through our Generations For Peace pioneer certification programme, using our world-class curriculum, we have trained 578 volunteer leaders of youth, leaders like you.

HRH Prince_Feisal_Al_Hussein_Opens_First_Ever_Advanced_Training_For_Generations_For_Peace_Pioneers_jpg
"Our delegates come from 48 countries and territories in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

"They have implemented peace building programmes in their home communities, passing on their knowledge, skills and Generations For Peace values to more than 5,300 other leaders of youth.

"This cascading process has reached second, third, fourth and now even fifth generation delegates.

"Together, their programmes have touched the lives of more than 75,000 children."

Princess Sarah Al-Feisal, the President of Generations For Peace, also participated in sessions, as pioneers were trained on peace building, advocacy and partnerships.

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