By David Gold

ba london_2012_09-02-12February 9 - British Airways have launched their latest London 2012 themed advert, "The Race", a light hearted look at the build-up to this summer's Olympics, on Facebook and Google+.

It is shot through the eyes of a small girl, whose British bag races against luggage from other nations in a bid to make it to arrivals first.

The advert will be shown on television from today and it is accompanied by an online video, "the team behind the ad".

The campaign will feature outdoor, print and online adverts, with print material being launched on Friday.

Sports presenter Jim Rosenthal does the voiceover for the advert, which finishes with the line: "Twenty twelve. We're ready. To Fly. To Serve."

The advert also includes an array of statistics; the BA cabin crew will be serving three Olympic size swimming pools worth of tea during 2012, and their engineers will fit enough cable on board to complete 80 laps of an Olympic track.

Abigail Comber, BA's head of brands and marketing, said: "This campaign builds on our 'To Fly. To Serve' promise.

"We have an amazing team at British Airways who work to deliver hundreds of flights a day, all over the world.

"Each team from check-in, baggage handling and 'dispatch', through catering and on to the flight and cabin crew effectively hands the baton on and it's that team spirit combined with the sheer scale of the British Airways operation that we wanted to convey."

To see the advert and view behind the scenes footage click here.

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