By David Gold

Speedo launch_London_2012_swimsuit_November_30_2011November 30 - Double Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington joined a host of other swimmers today to launch the Fastskin3 swimwear system which Speedo hope will break a series of records at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

An incredible 23 records were smashed at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 by athletes sporting Speedo's LZR Racer, and the new swimwear promises to have a similar impact.

The design covers less of the body than the high tech suits they brought out in 2009, which were subsequently banned due, to what was dubbed, "technology doping".

According to Speedo, an extra 11 per cent of oxygen economy will be gained by wearing the swimwear, and the company's head of their Aqualab development laboratory said that that the innovative design will help athletes go faster than ever.

'We hope this will result in new records being broken," said Dr Tom Waller.

'We believe we've created the opportunity for athletes to really reach their maximum potential.

Speedo also say that friction drag is reduced by 2.7 per cent and full body drag force by 5.7 per cent, and Adlington was on hand today with fellow Olympians Georgia Hohmann, Christian Vom Lehn, Fabio Scozzoli, Rafa Munoz and Adam Brown to launch the product at the Speedo Fashion Show.

Rebecca Adlington_modelling_new_Speedo_swimsuit_November_30_2011
Adlington (pictured) and America's 14 times gold medallist Michael Phelps have both confirmed they will be wearing the apparel at London 2012.

Phelps said of the swimwear that "it makes me feel completely at one with the water...I feel confident, I feel comfortable and I feel good knowing I am wearing the fastest elements."

The Fastskin3 is on sale from today, and it can be worn at meets from January 1 after FINA, the International Swimming Federation, approved its use in competition.

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