More 1 Year To Go pins have come to the surface - this time from the Lloyds Banking Group.

They have issued 4 pins to mark the milestone date - 2 under the Lloyds TSB brand and 2 under the Bank of Scotland brand.

In each pair of pins, there are 2 varieties of the figure '1'. It either has a translucent infill in the colour of the brand or a 'hollow' centre. These make an interesting difference to the normal countdown numbers. Also seen for the first time on their pins are new varieties of the Olympic logo. Previously the logos were in outline the colour of the brand, but this time the logos are solid in green and blue. The final difference is the strap line on the BoS pins. Previously they used the same 'official partner' wording of the LTSB pins. This time however the strap line is 'proud partner for Scotland'.