An update on the 1 Year To Go Pins as well as some more sponsor pins that have been seen.

Firstly a photo of the EDF 1 Year To Go that we mentioned on Wednesday.

This is pin EDF0008 and is limited to 500 pieces.

Next is another version of the Adidas 500 days to the Paralympic Games pin.

This pin is the pink version and shows sitting basketball and is also numbers ADI0004 like the other two seen to date.

Now another pin from UPS.

This is a printed pin and shows the UPS logo along with an orange 2012 logo and a gymnast pictogram on blue heart. This is pin UPS0006, and so leaves a gap in the numbering of their pins as the priginals were pins 1-4.

Finally a first pin from the National Lottery. This combines a pronted Lottery logo along with an enamelled 2012 logo and the strapline 'be part of it'. This pin is numbers NAL0001.