London 2012 have announced some more mascot pins for immediate sale. These pins show Wenlock trying four new sports, both mascots carrying the flag and 4 pins combining a london bus with mascots, flags and logos.

Pin 0520 - Judo (pictured)
Pin 0521 - Equestrian Jumping
Pin 0522 - Wrestling
Pin 0525 - Handball
Pin 0497 - Wenlock & Flag
Pin 0484 - Mandeville & Flag
Pin 0631 - Bus & Wenlock
Pin 0632 - Bus & Mandeville
Pin 0633 - Bus and Games Logo
Pin 0634 - Bus & Paralympic Logo

The Sport pins are £6.50 each and limited to 10,000 pieces each.
The Flag pins are £6.50 each and limited to 200,000 pieces each.
The bus/logo pins are £6.00 each and limited to 100,000 pieces each and the bus/mascot pins are £6.50 each and limited to 200,000.

For those of you with a passion for Red, White and Blue, yes, the flags being carried by the mascots are in pale blue and pink and pale green and pink. However, the bus is a lovely shade of red!

All pins are already on sale at Glamorous Living and expect Pins & Things and the London 2012 shop to have some or all of them soon.

It's also worth noting that the 400 Day to Go pins have also been released for sales, so you should be able to get them in good time for June 23rd.