By Duncan Mackay

Iran_women_in_tears_after_ban_in_Jordan_June_4_2011June 5 - Iran's women's football team are involved in a new row over their dress after they were banned from playing their second qualifying round of the London 2012 Olympics against Jordan in Amman because, it was claimed, they were wearing "inappropriate" clothing.

The FIFA official, from Bahrain, told them that they could not play in headwear despite them having worn the same kit in the previous round.

The team refused to remove the hijab and a 3-0 victory was awarded to their opponents after the Iranian women took to the pitch, sang the national anthem, and then kissed their country's flag before walking off the pitch.

Last year Iran's girls team faced being replaced in the Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore when FIFA ruled that they could not play in headwear during the tournament because it broke the laws of the game.

The decision that caused worldwide controversy and FIFA were accused of racism as well as religious discrimination.

Islamic guidelines require women to cover their hair in public but the laws of football requires the neck and ears to remain uncovered.

However, Ali Kaffashian, the President of Iran's Football Federation (IFF), held talks with football's world governing body and reached a compromise whereby a new set of clothing was designed that still covers the players heads in accordance with Islamic custom but does not break the laws of the game.

Iranian officials have vowed to contest the latest decision and to take their case direct to Sepp Blatter, the President of FIFA.

"We have already held talks with the President of FIFA about the participation of Iranian women in matches with full Islamic hijab," said Kaffashian.

"We have held required talks with FIFA officials although based on FIFA rules no soccer player has the right to appear in matches with Islamic veil.

"Unfortunately, however, I do not know why the official in charge of the match refused to let our team play

"Therefore, we will file a complaint to FIFA against the official in charge of the games."

Earlier this year, Iran had threatened to boycott London 2012 because in protest over the controversial London 2012 logo, which they have claimed is racist.

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