By Duncan Mackay

Sepp_Blatter_gesturingMay 5 - FIFA President Sepp Blatter has promised to be more open and transparent in the wake of recent corruption scandals if he wins a fourth term as head of football's world governing body.

In his second exclusive column for our sister website, insideworldfootball, Blatter admits that negative perceptions towards FIFA are down to poor communication as well as improper conduct by a minority of those in authority.

Whilst insisting it is unfair to tarnish everyone at FIFA with the same brush, Blatter concedes that better communication with the outside world is essential and says it will form a cornerstone of his final term in charge.

"The results of communicative ineptitude can be devastating for all those in an organisation who are decent and hard working," he writes, before adding: "It is always a few who destroy lives and the image and reputation of many."

FIFA Executive Committee members Amos Adamu (pictured) of Nigeria and Reynald Temarii of Tahiti were suspended in November after they were caught telling undercover reporters from the the Sunday Times newspaper that their votes could be traded for cash to build facilities in their home countries.

"If we at FIFA have failed to explain our work sufficiently well over a period of time, then that is a reality I am willing to accept and will actively seek to remedy," said Blatter, who is also a member of the International Olympic Committeee (IOC).

FIFA has been frequently attacked for being oblivious to criticism, especially over the way its finances are distributed.

In his exclusive column, Blatter says he is willing to address this too by publishing FIFA's annual figures in even more detail.

"I am proud to state that it was under my leadership as FIFA President that we started to publish our figures for the world to see in 2003 for the first time - and have adhered to that policy ever since, and in ever more detail.

"But that is not enough.

"Which is why, also under my tenure, I proposed to publish FIFA's Annual Activity Report which adds even more detail to the Financial Report, and covers all areas of our corporate affairs, FIFA's corporate social responsibility programmes and the innumerable projects we conduct, administer or have launched around the world."

Blatter says he is committed to weeding out malpractice but denounces elements of the media for certain ways they expose corruption.

"What is unacceptable in law (entrapment, for example), must also be unacceptable to those whose mission seems to be grounded in bringing down anything FIFA do."

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