By Tom Degun

February 9 - Yoggl, the official mascot of the inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games, was finally unveiled to the public by Innsbruck 2012 chief executive Peter Bayer during the three-day Youth Olympic Games Snow Festival staged in the centre of the city.

The idea mascot came from 25-year-old Luis Andrés Abbiati with his 24-year-old girlfriend Florencia Demaría from Argentina.

The pair, who found the Youth Olympic Games 2012 mascot design competition on the internet, carefully designed their winning submission with an appearance and clothing to reflect the lifestyle and landscape of the host region.

After their mountain goat design was voted to be the official mascot for Innsbruck 2012 by the public, it was adapted in close cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to a trendy Innsbruck 2012 pixel design.

It was only then that the final version of the mascot, which has been named Yoggl, made his first ever official appearance at the Youth Olympic Games Snow Festival.

An Innsbruck 2012 statement said: "Yoggl, our Alpine chamois, lives in the rocky and steep mountains which tower above the Olympic venues Innsbruck, Seefeld and Kühtai.

"His name, Yoggl, is based on the typical Tyrolean nickname 'Joggl' which is short for Jakob, a very common name in the Tyrol.

"Yoggl is the compound of this nickname and the short form YOG of the Youth Olympic Games.

"Through his origins in the Tyrolean Alps, he is the perfect symbol to raise awareness for sustainability and respect towards nature.

"The chamois represents the way of life and the landscape of the host region and his colourful pixel outfit merges traditional with modern elements.

"In addition, Yoggl's sporty appearance reflects the athletic aspect of the Games and his youthful character will spark the enthusiasm of youth from all over the world for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games and the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence.

"But above all, Yoggl the mascot is a lucky charm for all athletes and a vivid example of the Innsbruck 2012 motto, 'Be part of it!'

"Everyone who has a Facebook account can become Yoggl's friend."

On Yoggl's Facebook page, he says: "Hey guys, I'm Yoggl the official Mascot of the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck.

"As I'm a chamois, my favourite places are in the steep and rocky Karwendel Mountains between Innsbruck and Seefeld.

"If you want to meet me, come to Innsbruck from 13th to 22nd January 2012 and be part of the Winter Youth Olympic Games."

Yoggl's clamins his favourite sports are the 15 Winter sports that will feature at the Youth Olympics while his favourite team is unsurprisingly the Austrian Youth Olympic team.

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