Nanjing_Olympic_Sports_CentreJanuary 20 - An inspection visit of Nanjing, host city for the second Youth Olympic Games in China in 2014, has left the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission "very impressed", they said today.

IOC member Alexander Popov, the four-time Olympic swimming champion who is now the chairman of the Commission, said the they happy with the progress made by the Nanjing Organising Committee as it approaches the one-year mark in its preparations.

The Commission's work followed a two-day city-to-city debrief by the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee.

Organisers reported on the extensive work already completed in their Games Foundation Plan, the blueprint that lays out the vision and organisational plans to deliver the Games in three-and-a-half years' time.

A well-integrated local governance framework is now in place and was also presented to the Commission.

This first visit gave the Coordination Commission the opportunity to conduct a full site inspection that included the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre, which will play host to a number of sports.

Nanjing also presented its updated master plan for venues, with the integration of golf and rugby sites included.


Progress has been made on the Youth Olympic Village, the only key venue that needs to be constructed for the Games.

Construction planning for the village is currently under way and on schedule.

The Youth Olympic Village for Singapore 2010 proved to be one of the main successes of the Games.

It served as the central location for culture and education programme activities while giving the athletes their first taste of life in an Olympic environment.

Popov said: "We are very impressed with the progress that the organisers have made in the short time since Nanjing was elected in Vancouver last year.

"Preparations are well advanced and the team has been building a strong foundation from the very beginning.

"They have wasted no time in learning from Singapore 2010, and the IOC has no doubt that Nanjing 2014 will continue to build upon the success of the first Youth Olympic Games."

Lu Zhipeng, standing vice-secretary general of Nanjing 2014 and vice-mayor of Nanjing, said: "Nanjing will study and learn from the successful experience of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games organisers, and will make sure that all the opportunities and unique resources in Nanjing and its Organising Committee are utilised.

"We will ensure the success of the Games to the very highest standards to help boost the development of Nanjing and the region."

The Youth Olympic Games will feature golf and rugby on its programme after the two sports were included for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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