Swim coach Lionel Horter was found guilty of a financial scam. GETTY IMAGES

French swimming coach Lionel Horter —along with members of his family— received suspended prison terms on Monday after being found guilty of a financial scam involving Mulhouse Olympic swimming club (MON). The 58-year-old former coach of France's double Olympic champion Yannick Agnel, received a one-year suspended sentence and was banned for managing a company for two years, Agence France-Presse reported Monday afternoon. 

The management of MON, where former French Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu, an Olympic backstroke silver medallist in 2000, once trained, appeared in court in eastern France accused of 64 offences between 2015 and 2019. Horter was found guilty of claiming over €73,000 in unjustified fees, breach of trust to the tune of €9,150 and taking possession of a Land Rover belonging to the club.

His brother Franck Horter, the club president, received an eight-month suspended sentence, for invoicing fictitious services and covering costs for his father Laurent, who died in April 2022, of over €244,000. Marjorie Hauswirth, the wife of Lionel Horter and manager of the company "MON Club", received a 10-month suspended sentence and was banned from managing a company for two years. She was found to have paid more than €260,000 to her husband's and brother-in-law's consulting companies.

Marie Octavie Horter, the mother of Franck and Lionel, was found guilty of breach of trust for expense reports amounting to €555, but escaped punishment.