Kid Karam is gearing up for the Paris Games. INSTAGRAM @kidkaram123

Team GB breakdancer Karam Singh is determined to make history at the Paris Olympics this year, aiming to rank among the world's best. In December 2020, the official announcement came that breakdancing would make its Olympic debut.

Fast forward four years, and 16 top "B-boys" and "B-girls" are set to engage in spontaneous solo battles on the Place de la Concorde square, situated in the heart of the French capital.

Singh, at the age of 26, currently holds the record as the British number one in the sport, and will embark on his mission to secure gold at Paris 2024.

"I could never say that I was ever going to be an Olympian. But we're here," Singh told AFP. "We're kind of here to make history, promising to viewers who may not have seen it before that breaking brings fireworks. I think everybody that's going to watch it is going to be sort of astounded by what it is."

Originating from hip-hop culture, breakdancing gained popularity in the Bronx borough of New York during the 1970s. Singh, hailing from Derby, was introduced to it through music videos featuring artists like Justin Timberlake in the early 2000s.

Recalling a conversation with his sister, he expressed his aspiration to become a breaker one day. His debut occurred on the stage of a local park funfair, where a group of breakers allowed him to attempt a few head spins.

"They loved my passion," he said. "Originality is a huge part of breaking. When you're training and creating, you're an artist, and when you're preparing for competition, you're an athlete," Singh concluded.

Throughout the Olympics, breakers' routines will be evaluated based on their technique, personality, and the creativity of their movements. Singh noted that countries like Japan, the United States, and the Olympic host nation, France, boast formidable teams, while locations such as Canada and Kazakhstan showcase remarkable individual talents.

Currently, the fate of breakdancing in the Olympics beyond Paris is uncertain, as its inclusion in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028 is not guaranteed. However, Singh is optimistic that the audiences in Paris will embrace the sport, potentially paving the way for its permanent inclusion in the Olympic program.