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At a meeting held at the Peruvian Olympic Committee, the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) and the Peruvian Olympic Committee (POC) under the presidence of Renzo Manyari agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). 

The main goal of the MoU is "to formalise a partnership to foster mutual recognition, embrace shared values consistent with those of the Olympic Movement and enhance cooperation in funding and supporting strategic projects identified by CANOC to strengthen the sports infrastructure, governance, athlete development and organisational capacity in the Caribbean region, while leveraging the resources of both organisations." 

Members may recall that CANOC, with the assistance of the University of the West Indies and our regional and international collaborators, recently conducted a Needs Assessment Survey which identified the areas that are now reflected in the areas of collaboration between CANOC and the NOC of Peru. Accordingly, the strategic areas of cooperation include, but are not limited to: 

1. Governance Enhancement: Developing and strengthening governance frameworks, including financial management, policy formulation, and implementation strategies. 

2. Administrative and Operational Capacity Building: Strengthening the administrative capacity of CANOC members through targeted training in human resource management, succession planning and effective administration. 

3. Event Management and Athlete Support: Supporting the logistical aspects of hosting events, including athlete welfare, preparation for the Caribbean Games, and enhancing the overall quality of sporting events in the Caribbean region. 

Renzo Manyari is the president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee. PANAM SPORTS
Renzo Manyari is the president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee. PANAM SPORTS

4. Education and Development Initiatives: Facilitating educational programmes focusing on coaching, sports science and organisational management to raise professional standards within the sporting community. 

5. Comprehensive Marketing and Communications: Developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies to enhance public engagement, brand development, and effective stakeholder communication. 

6. Revenue Generation and Financial Sustainability: Creating robust funding mechanisms, including sponsorship acquisition, grant writing, and financial planning to ensure the long-term sustainability of sports organisations. 

Both the CANOC and the POC expressed that the MoU, which will initially run for four years, can be renewed thereafter, allowing for an ongoing relationship that will extend far beyond their shores and positively impact sport throughout the Americas.