French Alps 2030 and Salt Lake City-Utah 2034 present Winter Olympic bids to WOF. GETTY IMAGES

The preferred candidates for the 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympics, French Alps and Salt Lake City-Utah (SLC-UT), presented their bids to Winter Olympic Federations (WOF) on Tuesday, followed by question and answer sessions.

Members of the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Future Host Commission visited venues proposed for both bids in April with World Curling Federation Secretary General Colin Grahamslaw and International Luge Federation President Einars Fogelis on both the Future Host Commission and WOF.

According to, a spokesperson for French Alps 2030 called the presentation "standard process for discussion as part of the targeted dialogue".

SLC-UT reported that "a compelling and sustainable plan" was presented to the seven winter international sport federations using "longstanding venues within an hour of a single Athlete Village". United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Chair Gene Sykes praised the SLC-UT leadership and "a fully committed community behind the bid".

Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Games with Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation President and CEO Colin Hilton saying, "The living legacy that was created out of 2002 still resonates in Utah today across every sport on the planned 2034 program. Our ability today to showcase proven and experienced venues for every sport – all within an hour of the Athlete Village – is a strong selling point for Utah to the winter sport federations."

The Salt Lake City-Utah venue plan claims to be "one of the most sustainable ever". It includes the use of 11 existing and operational venues, along with temporary venues at the Salt Palace Convention Center for curling and the dual use of Block 85 (northeast block from Delta Center) as both the medals plaza and for staging Big Air freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

Hilton told KSL TV after, "The meeting went great. We have actually about 40 percent more events than we did (in 2002), but we’re using roughly the same (number) of venues. A lot of their comments were very complimentary of the fact that we still have all of these facilities, and that they’re four times busier in use today than right after the (2002) Games."

The Future Host Commission will send its reports with recommendations to the IOC Executive Board which will meet from 12-14 June. The Executive Board will decide whether to put both bids forward to the 142nd IOC Session in Paris on 24 July just two days ahead of the Olympic Games. French Alps and SLC-UT will present their bids in full to the IOC membership with votes - which will almost certainly approve both candidatures - following immediately.