Will Tyson Fury-Usyk rematch take place? GETTY IMAGES

The British boxer will activate the clause in the contract signed for their first fight, which  stipulates that it will take place in October. He is ready and eager, says the promoter of the 'Gypsy King'. Usyk, for his part, is ready. Everything seems to be in motion, but nobody dares to confirm it.

Contracts should be honoured, which they usually are. Sometimes, however, the parties prefer to pay the fine rather than comply, especially when such large sums of money are involved. The sums are staggering, enough to cause alarm. It's estimated that Tyson Fury was paid around US$100 million (€83 million) to fight in Riyadh on 18 May. Together, the two boxers were paid around $150 million (€138 million). This time, Fury wants a rematch. He wants to redeem his image after losing to Oleksandr Usyk in Riyadh on 18 May

In the contract signed for their fight, all parties made sure their interests were protected. It stipulates that a possible rematch will take place in October if both boxers agree. And they seem to agree. In fact, the loser was the first to request it.

"He's back here, he's recovering and his mood is that he wants the rematch. It's already signed, so it's going to happen. When will the rematch take place? In October in Riyadh," Frank Warren, Fury's manager, told talkSPORT. "I told him to think long and hard before he did it. However, he wants it badly," Warren also told Box Nation.

It's important to remember that their first fight was originally scheduled for February 2024. However,a cut to Tyson Fury's eyebrow during training pushed it back to 18 May. With this manoeuvre, the authorities and the promoters made sure that both boxers would get into the ring. If they didn't, the absence would be compensated

The first to ensure this didn't happen were the Saudi Arabian authorities. They couldn't afford to miss out on the event after postponing the fight. Fortunately, the fight went ahead. Now the same is true. The rematch is already on the cards.

Usyk's victory made it 22 wins (14 by knockout) and no losses in professional boxing. Fury has 34 wins (24 by knockout). He has one loss and one draw. These are the kind of records they will be stepping into again, as it is hard to imagine either fighter fighting anyone else before October. There have been many rumours that Fury could accept the long-awaited fight with Anthony Joshua, which would be particularly popular with British fans

Usyk poses as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after beating Fury in Saudi Arabia. GETTY IMAGES
Usyk poses as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after beating Fury in Saudi Arabia. GETTY IMAGES

However, that seems to be out of the question for now. But who knows? Fury could ask Usyk to allow him to fight Joshua first and then face the Ukrainian. However, that's a very remote possibility.

"We are men of our word. It's not about paperwork, when we shake hands and promise something, we deliver. I don't see any reason why the rematch shouldn't happen." Alex Krassyuk, Usyk's promoter, told Boxing King Media, as quoted by Spanish newspaper AS.

Everything is up in the air. Usyk beat Fury by unanimous decision, but Fury was knocked down in the ninth round. The referee's count was deemed slow by some and fair by others. Fury claimed he did enough to win. But he didn't. Usyk feels he was the rightful winner and was celebrated as such. Some said the bell saved Fury. There are a thousand conclusions to be drawn from one of the most important fights in the history of boxing, at least in the last 25 years.

The only thing that seems to be confirmed is that Fury wants the rematch. That was the most important factor for it to happen. There will be many versions of what could happen until an official date and commitment is set. The IBF will have to accept Usyk's request. They could strip the undisputed heavyweight champion of his titles. This is a very unlikely scenario, but it would make for a very exciting news story. If this were to happen, the title would become vacant, allowing other boxers to fight for it, but it would be a diluted reign. 

After all, Usyk has proven himself to be the most talented boxer of recent years and decades. The second chapter of Fury-Usyk has just begun. Get ready. This promises to be exciting.