The New Swedish Boxing Federation joins the IBA. IBA

The federation, based in Styrsö, becomes a new provisional member of the IBA. It will be decided at the IBA Congress at the end of 2024 whether it can become a permanent member.

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has announced that the New Sweden Boxing Federation, based in Styrsö, will become a provisional member of the IBA from April 2024. The addition of a member federation to the IBA adds strength to the organisation. The IBA's aim is to expand and accommodate as many national federations as possible.

Chris Roberts OBE, Secretary General and CEO of the IBA, said: "We welcome the New Sweden Boxing Federation into the IBA family and recognise the collective efforts of all as we strengthen our position as the only home of boxing with this significant milestone."

The first stage is provisional membership, with the possibility of becoming a permanent member. This will be decided at the IBA Congress at the end of 2024. From now on, the two institutions will work hand in hand.

Other elected officials for the New Sweden Boxing Federation are Andija Martic, Vice President, Robert Nordman, Secretary General, and Leif Nordman, Treasurer. Simon Vis has been elected President of the New Sweden Boxing Federation. His words of gratitude to the IBA for welcoming the collective and his desire to help the growth of boxers are the general tone.  The aim is to make boxing as popular as possible. 

One of the fights at the recently held Madrid Champions Night. IBA
One of the fights at the recently held Madrid Champions Night. IBA

He said, "We are delighted to join the IBA as provisional members, demonstrating our commitment to the value and opportunities of our athletes," said Simon Vis. Our boxers should have the opportunity to develop by competing on a level playing field with the rest of the world. We look forward to working with the IBA to help educate and develop our athletes. At the same time, we are committed to growing the sport's popularity and expansion worldwide."

The President of the New Sweden Federation expressed excitement at the opportunity to train and professionalise boxing through this union. He said: "Our officials, judges, coaches and doctors will also have the opportunity for training to ensure that we maintain the highest standards and promote lifelong personal development through participation in the sport". Roberts hinted that this merger would allow them to work together with the aim of "creating even more opportunities and top class events for Swedish boxers."