Olympic Camp in Santo Domingo - perfect stage for Paris 2024 qualifiers. PATU

In an effort to boost sporting performance in the Pan American region and prepare athletes for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Qualifiers, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, will become the epicentre of sporting excellence by hosting the Olympic Camp.

This event, supported by the International Olympic Solidarity Programme of the International Olympic Committee, together with the World Taekwondo and the Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU), aims to provide the ideal scenario for competitors to achieve their desired Olympic qualification.

The camp, led by coaches Young In Bang and Dongwan Lee, will provide a world-class training platform where athletes can hone their skills and tactics ahead of the crucial Olympic qualifiers. With two spots available per weight class, the competition is intense and each training session will be an invaluable opportunity for the participants, according to PATU.

The camp provides a world-class training platform. PATU
The camp provides a world-class training platform. PATU

Juan Manuel López, President of PATU, expressed his satisfaction and delight at the success of the camp. "We are very happy to be able to offer this invaluable opportunity to the teams trying to secure their place at the Olympic Games. This camp is not only a crucial moment in the athletes' preparation, but also a milestone in the development of taekwondo in our region," he said.

The camp participants come from different countries in the Pan American region, each with their own Olympic history and dreams. From promising youngsters to experienced athletes, they all share the same goal: to represent their nations on the biggest stage of world sport.

Training sessions are designed to cover all aspects of taekwondo, from technique and tactics to physical and mental preparation. Athletes receive personal attention from coaches who share their vast knowledge and experience to guide competitors to success.