Udinese fan accused of racism banned for life. GETTY IMAGES

Italian Serie A club Udinese have imposed a lifetime ban on a fan who made racist comments about Milan's French goalkeeper Mike Maignan, prohibiting him from attending any game of the team. "The ban is effective immediately," Udinese said in a statement.

"Udinese Calcio has identified the person responsible for the discriminatory behaviour towards AC Milan player Mike Maignan. This person will face a lifetime ban from attending any Udinese Calcio matches. This ban is effective immediately," the club stated in a press release." 

The Serie A club have taken a firm stance against a fan who made racist remarks towards Milan's French goalkeeper during last Saturday's 3-2 win. The fan was shown to have hurled serious insults at the goalkeeper, and the match had to be abandoned due to repeated offensive remarks from behind the goal.

"We believe that such strong measures are necessary to send a clear message that racism has no place in football or in society... we will continue to work tirelessly to identify and punish other individuals involved in this incident," added the statement released by the Italian club on Monday.

Video footage of the incident on the pitch led to the identification of the fan, which was announced by the Italian media on Monday. He was identified as a 46-year-old from Udine, a city in north-western Italy.

Mike Maignan talks to the referee who stopped Milan playing Udinese. GETTY IMAGES
Mike Maignan talks to the referee who stopped Milan playing Udinese. GETTY IMAGES

The video quickly circulated on social media, making the identification easier. In the footage, someone off camera can be heard shouting a racist slur at Maignan after Lazar Samardzic's first-half equaliser for Udinese. 

Maignan challenged the Italian football authorities on Sunday, saying that "if you do nothing, you are also complicit," according to statements reported by AFP. In September 2021, Maignan was also the subject of abuse from Juventus fans. 

FIFA president Gianni Infantino called for stadium bans for fans worldwide and "automatic forfeits" for teams whose supporters use "despicable abuse."