The 2024 Paris Olympic Games will be the 'most connected in the world,' and their entire native production will be in 4K, stated Mario Reis, Director of Telecommunications at Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) on Tuesday. 

Reis participated in the second day of the ninth edition of the 4K HDR Summit, held at the National Digital Content Pole in Malaga, as reported by the event organizers in a statement.

"As consumers, we want to be involved, we want to participate. Therefore, they will be the most connected and immersive Olympic Games in history," indicated the OBS representative, adding that there will be "more than forty events taking place simultaneously, and all native production will be done in 4K."

Meanwhile, Mickaël Raulet, the Director of Technology at the French company Ateme, pointed out that what viewers now seek is to be inside the competition itself. 

"It's like playing a video game. The goal is to interact with the content, make the experience immersive so that it seems like we are the ones competing. This is the next step with the new generations," said Raulet.

Juanma Blanco, Director of Canal Sur Media, presented 'Canal Sur Más hasta en el Metaverso' (Canal Sur Plus even in the Metaverse), a multi-device and multi-platform repository that has made the Andalusian public television a "pioneer in this type of technology" and is in the "top 10 in platform consumption in Spain" along with others like Netflix or Amazon. 

"The user can be in any studio having a personalized immersive experience thanks to a platform that allows for 360º content," Blanco added regarding the use of the application.