New Zealand's Kereyn Smith is standing against Wales' Chris Jenkins to succeed Dame Louise Martin as CGF President ©NZOC

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Presidential candidate Kereyn Smith has promised to "embrace change" if she wins the election in Singapore.

New Zealand's Smith and fellow CGF vice-president Chris Jenkins of Wales are standing to succeed Scotland's Dame Louise Martin at the General Assembly on November 14 and 15, with the incumbent set to reach the maximum two four-year terms in office.

Smith has released a Presidential vision based on the commitments of "reimagining the Games of the future", "modernising and strengthening Commonwealth sport" and "elevating and empowering athletes".

The Presidential election comes at a crucial time for the CGF with the future of the Commonwealth Games uncertain following the shock withdrawal of the Australian state of Victoria as hosts of the 2026 edition at less than three years' notice.

Smith has vowed to make the Commonwealth Games "sustainable, adaptable and future-focused", prioritising environmental sustainability and hosting events across all regions of the Commonwealth.

She also wants to empower Commonwealth Games Associations "with a visibility and a voice" and enhance athletes' voice within the movement.

Kereyn Smith has vowed to
Kereyn Smith has vowed to "embrace change" within the Commonwealth Games movement if elected as CGF President after the cancellation of Victoria 2026 left it with an uncertain future ©Getty Images

Smith insisted "it's time for a reset", and the CGF must "move our mindset from what we traditionally saw as a multi-sport Games into what do young people, viewers and participants of today want".

"I have a real belief in the power of the Commonwealth Sport movement," said Smith.

"While proud of our past, Commonwealth Sport stands at a crossroads today and I believe we need to act together to embrace change and overcome these challenges."

Smith is former chief executive and secretary general of the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC), and an ex-vice-president of World Netball.

New Zealand's Minister for Sports Grant Robertson is among those to back Kereyn Smith's campaign to lead the CGF ©Getty Images
New Zealand's Minister for Sports Grant Robertson is among those to back Kereyn Smith's campaign to lead the CGF ©Getty Images

Her campaign has received backing from the NZOC and New Zealand's Minister for Sport and Recreation Grant Robertson.

NZOC President Liz Dawson claimed Smith would help to modernise the CGF.

"Kereyn is future-focused with clarity of vision and a deep passion for athletes and sport," Dawson said.

"She sees opportunities for Commonwealth sport and the Games to create greater impact, connecting new audiences in exciting, innovative and sustainable ways.

"If elected, we have no doubt she’ll enhance Commonwealth sport, accelerating pathways to inclusive sport and communities and ensuring athletes, and each of the diverse 74 Commonwealth Games Associations are front and centre of the movement."

Robertson said Smith "leads with authenticity and has demonstrated her understanding of our unique culture".