WAZ wants to introduce a regional education plan to further boxing's growth in Zambia ©WAZ

Following a meeting with Wrestling Association of Zambia ( WAZ) development officer Neil Gregory, National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) President Alfred Foloko is considering implementing a "regional education plan" to promote the sport's development.

The pair met online to discuss potential collaboration between the two organisations and WAZ's ongoing initiatives for wrestling's growth in Zambia.

Gregory expressed his organisation's intention to launch the educational plan with the hope of receiving NOCZ support.

It would include the hosting of a regional competition in Zambia as well as coaching, refereeing, training, and competitive assessments.

WAZ hopes it will help to nurture grassroots participation and foster the development of wrestling within the country.

Gregory is based in Australia and hopes to use this towards the WAZ's advantage.

Alfred Foloko met with Neil Gregory online to discuss the development of wrestling in Zambia ©NOCZ
Alfred Foloko met with Neil Gregory online to discuss the development of wrestling in Zambia ©NOCZ

"[Gregory] presented an intriguing opportunity for NOCZ in the lead-up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games - an engagement with the Australian government on the fronts of youth, sport, and health," read a NOCZ statement.

"This multilateral engagement could yield positive outcomes for the NOC and Zambia's sporting landscape. 

"Expressing gratitude for the shared insights, Foloko concurred that all available opportunities would be systematically explored through relevant government agencies, ultimately benefiting sports in Zambia.

"He emphasized the conducive political environment, particularly [Zambian] President Hakainde Hichilema's consistent advocacy for leveraging sports as a catalyst for youth development."

WAZ has been a member of NOCZ and the Olympic Movement in Zambia since this year's Annual General Meeting held on April 22.

The event saw the national federation's membership officially ratified, making it the 30th sports association affiliated with the NOCZ.