Patrons of the new "tunnel suites" at the Arena in Los Angeles are to be allowed to use the same entrance as players and performers at the venue ©

Owners of the arena set to stage basketball at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics have unveiled plans for four new exclusive "tunnel suites" which will enable patrons to use the same entrance as the players and other performers at the venue.

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) owns the Arena and have included the new facilities in a major renovation of the venue which is believed to be at a a cost of approximately $100 million (£77million/€90 million).

The Arena is the home court for the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and also for the Women's NBA team LA Sparks and National Hockey League (NHL) side LA Kings.

Four "tunnel suites" and four "terrace suites" are to be created during the refurbishment and it is claimed that those subscribing will enjoy access for all major events, including events at the 2028 Olympic Games.

"Ramp access is so golden," Arena head of premium sales Michele Kajiwara told the Los Angeles Times.

The Arena is the home venue for three national basketball teams including the Los Angeles Lakers ©Getty Images
The Arena is the home venue for three national basketball teams including the Los Angeles Lakers ©Getty Images

Prices have not yet been revealed, but it has been estimated that each individual suite could generate approximately  $60million (£46million/€54million) depending on whether a lease is signed for 10 or 20 years.

"There’s a certain cachet that comes with whoever is going to be buying these, because they want the best of the best," Kajiwara added.

"We are talking to private equity investors, billionaires, anyone who can look at seven figures over double-digit years and not feel stretched to have to justify it."

The "tunnel suites" are expected to have a capacity of 12 occupants.

They include a private lounge away from the court, where owners can bring in their own wine, spirits and other liquor if they choose to do so.

If not, food and alcoholic beverages will be provided at no extra charge.

An artists impression of a private lounge in the
An artists impression of a private lounge in the "Tunnel Suite" designed for a maximum of 12 people©

Seating in the arena is in exclusive boxes which are designed to catch the eye of the television cameras.

"You will have total privacy and also high visibility in the most exclusive place that you can show up," Kajiwara said.

Four "terrace suites" will have similar facilities but with a capacity of 14 occupants.

AEG is understood to have already sold five of the eight new units even before they were made public. Arena President Lee Zeidman has been overseeing the renovation project which has been taking place over three years whilst the arena has remained open for events.

"You want to make sure your house stays the shiniest and prettiest on the block," Zeidman insisted.

Crews of 90 have been working two shifts on a seven-day-a-week basis when the arena is not in use, to ensure that any work scheduled for this summer is completed before the NBA season which is scheduled to open on October 24.

During the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, the arena will be given a neutral designation without the use of a sponsor name.