Japanese clothes brand UNIQLO has extended its partnership with the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Committees until after Milan Cortina 2026 ©Getty Images

Japanese clothes brand UNIQLO has extended its partnerships with the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) and Swedish Paralympic Committee (SPC) until after Milan Cortina 2026.

The deal continues a tie-up which has been in place since January 2019 and covered both Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022.

Both Paris 2024 and Milan Cortina 2026 will now be included in the partnership with clothing and other accessories supplied to Swedish athletes and officials.

All parties have also pledged to "collaborate and promote the shared values of quality, innovation and sustainability around the world".

This includes the UNIQLO Dream Project which sees leading athletes inspire young people in Sweden by promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle.

"I am deeply grateful for UNIQLO's outstanding support, which helped Sweden's teams shine in Tokyo and Beijing," said SOC secretary general Åsa Edlund Jönsson. 

"We will collaborate with UNIQLO in an ongoing drive to materialise a shared vision of building a bright and dynamic future through the power of sports and clothing, always with sustainability as a guiding principle. 

"We look forward to continue on this path of success during the Games of Paris 2024 and Milan Cortina 2026."

Tadashi Yanai, left, with Sweden's Paris 2024 Chef de Mission Peter Reinebo after the deal was signed ©UNIQLO
Tadashi Yanai, left, with Sweden's Paris 2024 Chef de Mission Peter Reinebo after the deal was signed ©UNIQLO

Around 42,200 children and 600 schools in Sweden have already taken part in initiatives with UNIQLO.

"We are delighted to continue our journey with UNIQLO through to Milan Cortina 2026," Åsa Llinares Norlin, President of the SPC, said.

"UNIQLO has provided the same solid support to Sweden's Paralympic and Olympic teams, helping us to participate more confidently in the Games. 

"I believe our partnership with UNIQLO will enable us to work with all athletes to broaden the potential of Para-sports, conveying the power and excellence of these pursuits and discovering the best solutions in sportswear for as many people as possible."

Tadashi Yanai, the chairman, President and chief executive of Fast Retailing, UNIQLO's owner, added: "The international success of Swedish athletes exemplifies the great progress in the partnership between UNIQLO and the SOC and SPC since 2019. 

"We are honoured to support Sweden's athletes and officials at Milan Cortina 2026 following their success at the Tokyo, Beijing and Paris Games. 

"We will continue collaborating with Sweden's world-class athletes to help build a bright and dynamic future, and change the world for the better through the UNIQLO Dream Project."