Suvi Pajunen has been appointed as a physio by the Finnish Olympic Committee ©SOK

The Finnish Olympic Committee has appointed Suvi Pajunen as a physiotherapist.

Thirty-five-year-old Pajunen will work on a part-time basis from this month until June 2026.

She has previously been a physio with the Finnish cross-country skiing team.

Her new role will include developing and leading the national work of sports physiotherapists and preparing and leading physiotherapy for multi-sport competitions.

"It is great to be able to support and develop the Finnish network of sports physiotherapists and the operating culture of sports physiotherapy together with an expert community," said Pajunen. 

"Over the past few years, modern sports physiotherapy has established itself as part of Finnish sports coaching, and we will continue this development in different operating environments."

Maarit Valtonen, the chief physician of the Finnish NOC, added: "The structures of sports expert activities have developed enormously over the past five years. 

Suvi Pajunen has been a physio with the Finnish cross-country team ©Getty Images
Suvi Pajunen has been a physio with the Finnish cross-country team ©Getty Images

"To support athletes and coaches, we have been able to create a common working environment in coaching centres and sports academies, where common competence and quality of activities can develop.

"It is also important to attach to this entity the experts of the club and national teams, as well as the specialists working in the teams of athletes.

"Suvi has been creditably involved in the development of the operating environment and, through her own activities, has promoted multi-professional teamwork in Olympic and national team environments. 

"Together, we will be able to continue the development work from the point in the development cycle where we are now, and whose opportunities and challenges Suvi knows well."